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The Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine offers a wide range of course offerings, updated each year to meet the growing needs of today's practitioners. Courses are all online with a live call component, and range from 8-week training workshops, Business Essentials and Lab Interpretation Bootcamps to a 12-month Mentorship Program, covering all aspects of business operations and advanced lab interpretation. New courses are added regularly throughout the year.

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Starting on: Jul 13, 2023
  • Labs we workshop: GI-MAP and OMX (Organic Acids) tests
  • Protocols we build, target: Fatigue, anxiety, depression, sleep issues and common GI complaints such as bloating, heartburn and GI upset

Join Dr. Kalish for this hands on 8-week Workshop on the Gut - Brain Axis, where we will practice lab interpretation skills to address symptoms such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, mood issues and sleep problems as well as common digestive issues such as heartburn, diarrhea and bloating. Reviewing labs YOU submit, we will look at the relationship between gut health and the brain and see how microbiome and digestive organ problems can inflame the brain, triggering depression, anxiety and many other common brain related symptoms. This workshop includes a series of live workshop calls with Dr. Kalish and recorded video lectures you can digest at your own pace.

Live workshop calls with Dr. Dan Kalish at 4pm, PT: 7/13, 7/20, 7/27, 8/17, 8/24 (all recorded and available to enrolled students)

(2 Monthly Payments)


Lab Interpretation Bootcamp

Jun 15-Jul 29, 2022

Join the Kalish Institute practitioner community for an in depth look at how practices are seeing long haul syndrome manifest in the realm of functional medicine lab assessments.

In many of our practices, over 50% of our patients are now suffering long-term ill effects after acquiring Covid. Functional medicine has been working with patients struggling to recover from infections of all types including viruses, parasites and bacteria since the field began. We now need to address the similarities and differences that the impact of recovery from this new virus will present.

There is power in numbers, and our hope for this Bootcamp is to shed light on lab-based solutions and support the development of lab interpretation skills for our current times.

(2 Payments)

May 3-Jun 2, 2023

Organic acids testing can be applied to a variety of patient populations: Evaluate patients with many common day to day complaints including weight gain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, insomnia and allergies, as well as disorders such as metabolic syndrome, imbalance brain chemistry, and oxidative stress. 

  • Learn what are the best organic acids test kits to order for an assessment of metabolism, brain function, nutrient levels, and detoxification capacity. There are many choices and it is confusing.
  • Understand the types of patients best suited for organic acids tests
  • Master the scripts that will guide patients through a step by step process of understanding the purpose of lab testing in functional medicine and convince them to buy an organic acids test kit before they leave your office
  • We will review the condition description technique which has proven effective in hundreds of practice settings worldwide - this communication technique allows you to personalize your explanations as to why a test is important for a given patient
Lab Ordering Essentials: Organic Acid Labs
Lab Interpretation Bootcamp

May 11-Jun 12, 2023

4-Week Bootcamp

This course provides an introduction to the interpretation of Genova’s NutrEval (OAT). The NutrEval can be seen as a complex and challenging test, and includes organic acids, amino acids and fatty acid markers. Dr. Kalish will provide an easy to get started interpretation model so you can design clinically effective supplement protocols right away with your very first tests. We will also look at the deeper levels of the test including exploration of proteomics, genomics and metabolomics to facilitate your ability to continue to learn the many nuances of this lab.

This 4-week Bootcamp is a combination of recorded videos and live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish. 

Live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish: 5/11, 5/25, 6/8 at 5pm PT



Jun 12, 2023-Jun 14, 2024

This 12-month Functional Medicine training program delivers all of the tools and skills you’ll need to confidently assess and treat your patients either through telemedicine or in your clinic. Developed for those seeking a true mentorship experience, you will learn to practice Functional Medicine with a clear clinical model and case-based learning, presented in a supportive environment of like-minded practitioners.

  • Weekly Live Calls with Dr. Dan Kalish 
  • Community 
  • Online Lessons & Case Library
(12 payments)

How does The Kalish Institute compare?

Integrating self-paced lectures, weekly live calls and active learning community, The Kalish Institute concentrates on practical learning you can directly apply to improve your patients’ health outcomes.

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