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The Kalish Institute for Functional Medicine offers a wide range of course offerings, updated each year to meet the growing needs of today's practitioners. Courses are all online with a live call component, and range from 8-week training workshops, Business Essentials and Lab Interpretation Bootcamps to a 12-month Mentorship Program, covering all aspects of business operations and advanced lab interpretation. New courses are added regularly throughout the year.

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Lab Interpretation Bootcamp

Mar 9-Apr 6, 2023

4-Week Bootcamp

Learning to interpret GI lab tests is one of the most important skills to acquire for every functional medicine practitioner. Many of us struggle with these tests, are not sure where to start or how to prioritize treatment of multiple symptoms. This course will teach you a proven three-step process for analyzing a GI-Effects test and designing clinically impactful programs for your patients.

Lab Essentials Bootcamp

Apr 5-May 3, 2023
  • Learn about the differences between various types of adrenal hormone tests: salivary cortisol and DHEA, the cortisol awakening response (CAR), and urinary metabolites (HUMAP and DUTCH testing)
  • Understand the types of patients best suited for stress hormone testing
  • Master the scripts that will guide patients through a step by step process of understanding the purpose of testing and correcting the stress response
  • Gain the confidence required to answer any patient questions or address the most common concerns patients have: it’s too expensive, why can’t  I do this test with my regular doctor through my insurance, what’s the point in testing, all my regular lab work shows I’m fine…
  • We will review the condition description technique which has proven to be effective in thousands of practice settings worldwide - this communication technique allows you to personalize your explanations as to why a test is important for a given patient
  • Learn about our next step educationally for you, our Lab Interpretation Workshops, in which you can learn the basics of how to interpret these lab reports and develop clinically effective programs based on lab data and time tested protocols used by generations of practitioners.
Lab Ordering Essentials: Adrenal Hormone Labs
Lab Interpretation Bootcamp

Apr 5-May 31, 2023

8-Week Bootcamp

Mitochondria, insulin resistance, fatty acids and the impact of Long Haul Covid on metabolic health

  • Explore the connection between Long Haul Syndrome and inflammation of the blood vessels, oxidative stress and a damaged metabolism

  • Explore the origins of Metabolic syndrome, Atherosclerosis, Hypertension and Obesity

  • Learn how to prescribe Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids  based on clear lab data

  • Protocols to correct cellular energetics fat burning

  • Improve lab interpretation skills to correct imbalances in Glycolysis, Citric acid cycle, electron transport chain and beta oxidation

  • Learn how to effectively use nutrients like antioxidants, Co-Q10, various vitamins and minerals 

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Lab Interpretation Bootcamp

Apr 6-28, 2023

4-Week Bootcamp

For those wanting to incorporate adrenal hormone testing and clinically proven adrenal protocols into their practice, this course covers a 3-step method for identifying adrenal issues, and provides you with the original adrenal protocols used by practitioners for over 40 years and validated in a study Dr. Kalish published with the staff of the Mayo Clinic. If you believe stress and stress hormone physiology is a critical area to address for your patients, this Bootcamp is for you.



Apr 24, 2023-Apr 26, 2024

This 12-month Functional Medicine training program delivers all of the tools and skills you’ll need to confidently assess and treat your patients either through telemedicine or in your clinic. Developed for those seeking a true mentorship experience, you will learn to practice Functional Medicine with a clear clinical model and case-based learning, presented in a supportive environment of like-minded practitioners.

  • Weekly Live Calls with Dr. Dan Kalish 
  • Community 
  • Online Lessons & Case Library
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How does The Kalish Institute compare?

Integrating self-paced lectures, weekly live calls and active learning community, The Kalish Institute concentrates on practical learning you can directly apply to improve your patients’ health outcomes.

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Online: Study Anywhere, AnytimeIn-Person Seminars: Requires Travel, Missed Work
Integrated Complete FM Treatment ModelIndependent Modules
Active Group Learning and Community with PeersIsolated Educational Experience
Focused Single-Model Treatment ProgramOverly Broad, Excellent Information, Hard To Apply
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Clear Treatment Map/Business ModelGreat Information/Vague Implementation
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