Kalish Institute of Functional Medicine Certification Program

Discover the leading online functional medicine certification program with over 7,000 practitioners trained, since 2006.

Why choose Kalish Institute?

  1. Experienced Clinicians - Learn from experienced clinicians and the top research and development science team in the field.
  2. Case Presentation and Review - Present your own cases for expert review and feedback. Gain valuable insights into real-world patient scenarios and treatment strategies that will deliver life-changing results for your patients.
  3. Peer Learning - Collaborate with fellow students to analyze challenging functional medicine cases; Learning from your peers’ experiences will deepen your own understanding, and sharpen your problem-solving skills.
  4. Practice Implementation Focus - Have all your clinical application questions answered by practitioners with decades of experience. Our top four faculty have a combined 90 years of in-the-trenches clinical pearls, tips and best practices to share with you. 

Kalish Institute Certified Practitioner - Level 1

Welcome to the Kalish Institute Certified Practitioner - Level 1 program. This comprehensive certification program consists of four essential modules designed to empower health practitioners like you to launch successful telehealth or brick-and-mortar functional medicine clinics.

Our Level 1 certification program equips you with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the field of functional medicine. Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding of specific areas or seeking a complete framework for your new career, our courses are tailored to meet your needs.


  • Lab-Based Practice: Explore the fundamentals of lab-based functional medicine, including the selection of the best lab tests and the interpretation of results. Learn how to create effective health plans incorporating lifestyle changes and proven supplement protocols.
  • Systematic Approach: We believe in the concept of the "system of systems." Our courses illustrate how our three-body systems model can be applied to your patient practice. Delve into the Neuroendocrine, GI, and Detoxification systems through essential tests such as adrenal hormones, GI/microbiome analysis, and organic acids/metabolomics panels. This proven system has been the foundation of functional medicine practitioners for over 45 years and has been updated with the latest scientific findings by our research and development team.
  • Lifestyle-Based Healing: Discover how chronic diseases can be prevented through the adoption of healthy lifestyle habits. We teach you how to combine lab-based supplement programs with lifestyle change prescriptions to reverse chronic diseases and establish a wellness-based practice model. We provide all the necessary knowledge for lab interpretation and patient education materials to simplify complex concepts for your patients.

KICP Level One Certification Includes:

  • Organic Acids Protocol Design: Learn to decode the NutrEval, OMX, and OAT tests and design impactful, lab-based protocols.
  • Adrenal Protocol Design: Decode the DUTCH, HUMAP, and salivary Adrenal Stress Profiles.
  • GI Protocol Design: Master the decoding of the Microbiome and interpret GI testing. 
  • Female Hormone Protocol Design: Interpret pre- and post-menopausal hormone panels.

Certification Benefits: Upon completion of your coursework, you will receive a KICP-L1 Certificate. Showcase your credentials on your website and inform your patient base about your training through email and social media.

Kalish Institute Certified Practitioner - Level 2

The KICP Level 2 Certification program is tailored for health providers who are dedicated to a career in functional medicine. This advanced certification track is designed to elevate your expertise in lab interpretation, transforming you into a true specialist in the field with practical application skills for real-world patient situations. 


  • Flexible Learning Tracks: Our Level Two courses are designed to accommodate your learning preferences. You can choose to take courses individually to deepen your understanding in specific areas of functional medicine. Alternatively, combine them to create a comprehensive framework to amplify your career and attain Level 2 Certification. 
  • Personalized Patient Care: To provide effective care, we emphasize the lab-based assessment of individual patients and the implementation of highly personalized programs. You'll learn how to apply therapeutic dosages for each supplement indicated and focus on addressing each patient's specific needs. Sequencing and prioritizing programs and integrating data from multiple labs into a coherent and impactful program will become integral to your skillset.
  • Customized Programs: Many practitioners are stuck following generic and often ineffective stock recommendations provided by supplement companies or computer generated lab report summaries. Instead, you’ll learn how to assess and effectively administer individualized supplement and lifestyle programs for all types of patients by learning how to interpret individual lab markers properly. Our curriculum is rooted in well-established principles drawn from extensive research literature and the collective clinical experience of generations of practitioners who have contributed to this field.
  • Holistic Approach: Our programs emphasize the integration of supplement protocol design approaches based on biochemical pathways, cell physiology, lab markers, genetic variables, lifestyle factors, and patient history. By combining these elements into well-designed programs, you'll witness your patients achieve their health goals and reverse chronic conditions.

The Level 2 Certification Includes: 

  • Workshop Intensive: Building Protocols for Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue - (Amino Acid Testing) 
  • Workshop Intensive: Protocol Design for Mitochondrial Health: Metabolic Function, Insulin Resistance and Fatty Acid Markers [Metabolomics, NutrEval, OMX, OAT]
  • Workshop Intensive: Learn to Design and Sequence Adrenal and GI Protocols 
  • Workshop Intensive: A Body Systems Approach to Detoxification 

Certification Benefits: Upon successful completion of your coursework, you will receive your KICP-L2 certificate. Highlight your advanced credentials on your website and inform your patient base about your advanced training through email and social media.

Kalish Institute Mentorship Certifi

Founded in 2006, the Kalish Institute Mentorship Program has trained over 7,000 successful Functional Medicine practitioners, including two directors of Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic physicians. The 12-month training intensive includes weekly live practitioner calls focused on lab interpretation, protocol design and practice-building skills, paired with a full curriculum of practical application and patient education oriented lectures. The course materials are updated each year to incorporate the feedback and key learning points of hundreds of practitioners, as well as the latest scientific developments. Through this collaborative 12-month training, you’ll gain the skills, tools and experience you need to confidently build effective personalized programs for your patients.   


  • You will learn to read lab reports with confidence, understand what each lab marker means, and practice building patient protocols each week.
  • Understand how to sequence multi-faceted protocol programs based on multiple labs. 
  • Gain confidence in designing protocols that work for the essential Functional Medicine  labs including: HPA axis tests, female hormones, GI/microbiome reports and organic acids/metabolomics.
  • Learn to manage complex cases and navigate difficult situations with coaching on how to improve your patient communication skills, emphasizing compassionate and patient-centered care. 
  • Enjoy access to a comprehensive Resource Library with hundreds of case studies and practice-building assets. 

Training Program Format:

  • 12-Month combination of live calls and recorded curriculum.
  • Weekly Live Calls - Meet weekly to review your patient labs, and discuss best practices for supplement protocol design. Learn as other practitioners present their cases, and from the instruction of Dr. Kalish and advanced Kalish Institute faculty.
  • Online Lectures - Access to 10 online educational modules based around a body-systems approach: topics include adrenals, thyroid, GI, female hormones, mitochondria, neurotransmitters, detoxification and nutrient replacement.
  • Community Committed to Learning the Work - Engage and learn with a vibrant community of like-minded health providers. 
  • Curriculum and Faculty - Learn from our well-rounded faculty, all of whom have at least two decades of full-time practice experience and from our comprehensive curriculum based on the work of the top lab developers and research scientists in the field. 

Our 12-month Functional Medicine mentorship program prepares you for success in any type of practice, from telemedicine practices to small one-person clinics to multi-practitioner settings. Benefit from structured clinical models, immersive case-based learning, and a supportive community of health professionals.

Mentorship Program Certification - Our graduates have gone on to many exciting career opportunities, confident in their lab interpretation skills and experienced in how to communicate effectively with patients. Learning about functional medicine is one thing; but acquiring the knowledge to excel in complex and multivariate cases is another. Our mentorship graduates can deliver results with functional medicine treatments that work.

Our mentorship graduates have attained positions at the Cleveland Clinic and also include two of the directors of Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Our certified practitioners are widely considered to be experts in the field and move on to senior level positions throughout the industry.