Protocol Design Bootcamps - Level 1

Adrenal Protocol Design

Feb 3-Mar 31, 2025

Course Description

Unlock Advanced Program Design Skills for Adrenal Fatigue in Functional Medicine

Explore advanced program design techniques for lab-based protocols to effectively address adrenal fatigue—a crucial skill for functional medicine practitioners. This course focuses on developing expertise in analyzing HPA axis dysfunction to optimize cortisol output and restore DHEA levels.

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Curriculum: Our course empowers you with the knowledge to reset the stress response, leading to improvements in patients' energy levels, mood, memory, immune health, and resilience to life's health and stress-related challenges.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in hands-on learning through interactive lab sessions, involving submissions from you and your fellow students.
  • Tailored Adrenal Supplementation: Gain confidence in prescribing tailored adrenal supplementation by exploring various adrenal tests, including DUTCH, HuMAP, and salivary adrenal profiles. Customize your approach with the most suitable tests for individual cases.
  • Chronic Stress Reversal: Master the essential skill of reversing chronic stress effects on cortisol—a pivotal tool for functional medicine practitioners.
  • Lab Test Analysis Proficiency: Elevate your proficiency in analyzing adrenal lab tests and selecting the optimal test for each unique patient.
  • Foundational Testing: Learn where to begin with tests applicable to all patients with fatigue, depression, anxiety, sleep disturbances, ADD/ADHD, and stress-related GI issues.
  • Effective Patient Communication: Enhance your communication skills to articulate lab findings effectively. Learn to design personalized lifestyle programs that complement supplement protocols.
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This 8-week class is a combination of recorded videos and live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish.

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This course is designed for both beginning and intermediate-level functional medicine practitioners, providing a comprehensive overview of translating intricate lab data into actionable patient results. 

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