Workshop Intensives - Level 2

Building Protocols for Depression, Anxiety and Fatigue

Feb 13, 2023-Apr 26, 2024

Course Description

Gain mastery in deciphering clinical lab evaluations with our comprehensive course. Dive deep into the fundamental mechanisms of amino acid testing to craft precision protocols addressing depression, anxiety, and fatigue in your patients. This advanced and fast-paced course has extensive online lectures by Dr. Kalish and by the founder of amino acid testing, Richard S. Lord, PhD.

The course also includes a vast array of case studies, one case for each of the major learning objectives in the class.  You will analyze each case and workshop a protocol to present and discuss in the live Q and A sessions with your group of practitioners. Dr. Kalish will provide answers to all your questions LIVE so you can gain mastery of this critical tool for functional medicine practitioners. 

Course Highlights:

  • Case reviews covering diverse conditions: depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, athletic performance, IBS, methylation defects, glutathione issues, and nitric oxide/urea cycle disorders.
  • Examine the intricate roles of key amino acids in brain function, detoxification, GI health, and mitochondrial activity.
  • Prescribe amino acid supplements based on clear lab data and recognize common patterns of amino acid imbalances.
  • Assess amino acid levels to create targeted nutritional supplement programs impacting cellular, enzymatic, and receptor functions.
  • Understand the critical role of amino acids in protein folding, enzyme/receptor function, and overall health maintenance.
  • Explore amino acid deficiencies and restore normal function for patients with complaints such as fatigue, depression, anxiety, methylation defects, and more.

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10 Week Workshop is a combination of recorded materials and live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish. 

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Join Dr. Dan Kalish for LIVE calls on Tuesdays at 12pm PT: 2/13, 2/27, 3/12, 3/26, 4/2.

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This advanced, fast-paced course is for practitioners looking to gain a mastery in deciphering clinical lab evaluations and build personalized protocols based on interpretation of lab data.

Enroll now to transform your approach to patient care! 


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