Patient Care Bootcamps

Getting Started Interpreting Doctor's Data GI 360

Oct 5-Nov 2, 2023

Course Description

Live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish at 4pm PT: 10/5, 19/19, 10/26

The GI360™ provides the ultimate microbiome analysis along with tried and true GI markers for pathogens and digestive health. This 4-week Bootcamp provides a proven three-step model for analyzing a GI360 test, and delivers the tools you need to design clinically impactful programs. 

Gain the confidence to get started designing effective programs for your patients from the first lab you interpret. We will cover the microbiome assessment in detail and also discuss GI treatments for leaky gut, gallbladder and pancreatic enzyme issues. In addition there will be protocols presented for treatment of the commonly detected GI pathogens including parasites, yeast and dysbiosis. 


- Learn how the microbiome works in health and disease.

- Understand an easy-to-apply three step model for analyzing even the most complex GI lab results

- Understand the patient communication skills required to explain the lab results in an actionable way.

- Acquire clinically effective protocol design skills with the exact supplements and specific dosages required, so you can obtain consistent clinical results for even your most challenging patients.

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