Interpreting Genova GI-Effects and Protocols that Work

Sep 7-Oct 19, 2023

Course Description

Live Calls with Dr. Dan Kalish: Thursdays at 12:00pm, PST on 7/11, 7/18, 8/1

Learn how to assess and correct the GI/microbiome imbalances at the core of every functional medicine program. You will learn how to explain the value of the GI Effects test to patients, and practice a three-step model so you can interpret even the most complex mix of lab findings, and develop protocols to achieve clinical results.

The three types of findings on the GI-Effects are: (1) microbiome imbalances, (2) GI organ problems, and (3) GI pathogens. Our easy-to-explain model allows you to interpret a GI Effects test and develop an impactful supplement protocol for every patient.

  • Understand the time-tested supplement protocols used for each major problem found on the GI Effects lab report.
  • Learn our three-step model for interpreting the complex data on the GI-Effects test.
  • Master health program design, combining supplement programs with lifestyle changes to get results for even your toughest patients.
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