Patient Care Bootcamps

Getting Started with Metabolomix / NutrEval

Oct 12-Nov 23, 2023

Course Description

Six weeks starting October 12, 2023.

Live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish: 9am, PT on 10/12, 10/26, 11/02. All live calls are recorded and available to enrolled students. 

Get up to speed with lab interpretation skills development and patient communication scripting for both the Metabolomix and NutrEval tests. Dr. Kalish will break down and simplify the lab markers, section by section, while explaining exactly how to start designing life-changing protocols for even the most complex cases.

The class includes clinically effective supplement recommendations for each major section of the test, based on Dr. Kalish’s 30 years of patient treatments using this approach.

  • Learn the basic lab-based supplement protocols you can use right away to get significant patient changes.
  • Address patient issues including mitochondria, neurotransmitters, detoxification pathways and GI health.
  • Gain a roadmap to patient supplement program design, taking complex lab data and creating easy to implement supplement and lifestyle change programs.
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