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Kalish Institute Mentorship Certification

Sep 16, 2024-Sep 18, 2025

Course Description

Founded in 2006, the Kalish Institute Mentorship Program has trained over 7,000 successful Functional Medicine practitioners, including two directors of Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic physicians. The 12-month training intensive includes weekly live practitioner calls focused on lab interpretation, protocol design and practice-building skills, paired with a full curriculum of practical application and patient education oriented lectures. The course materials are updated each year to incorporate the feedback and key learning points of hundreds of practitioners, as well as the latest scientific developments. Through this collaborative 12-month training, you’ll gain the skills, tools and experience you need to confidently build effective personalized programs for your patients.   


  • You will learn to read lab reports with confidence, understand what each lab marker means, and practice building patient protocols each week.
  • Understand how to sequence multi-faceted protocol programs based on multiple labs. 
  • Gain confidence in designing protocols that work for the essential Functional Medicine  labs including: HPA axis tests, female hormones, GI/microbiome reports and organic acids/metabolomics.
  • Learn to manage complex cases and navigate difficult situations with coaching on how to improve your patient communication skills, emphasizing compassionate and patient-centered care. 
  • Enjoy access to a comprehensive Resource Library with hundreds of case studies and practice-building assets. 

Training Program Format:

  • 12-Month combination of live calls and recorded curriculum.
  • Weekly Live Calls - Meet weekly to review your patient labs, and discuss best practices for supplement protocol design. Learn as other practitioners present their cases, and from the instruction of Dr. Kalish and advanced Kalish Institute faculty.
  • Online Lectures - Access to 10 online educational modules based around a body-systems approach: topics include adrenals, thyroid, GI, female hormones, mitochondria, neurotransmitters, detoxification and nutrient replacement.
  • Community Committed to Learning the Work - Engage and learn with a vibrant community of like-minded health providers. 
  • Curriculum and Faculty - Learn from our well-rounded faculty, all of whom have at least two decades of full-time practice experience and from our comprehensive curriculum based on the work of the top lab developers and research scientists in the field. 

Our 12-month Functional Medicine mentorship program prepares you for success in any type of practice, from telemedicine practices to small one-person clinics to multi-practitioner settings. Benefit from structured clinical models, immersive case-based learning, and a supportive community of health professionals.

Mentorship Program Certification - Our graduates have gone on to many exciting career opportunities, confident in their lab interpretation skills and experienced in how to communicate effectively with patients. Learning about functional medicine is one thing; but acquiring the knowledge to excel in complex and multivariate cases is another. Our mentorship graduates can deliver results with functional medicine treatments that work.

Our mentorship graduates have attained positions at the Cleveland Clinic and also include two of the directors of Integrative Medicine at the Mayo Clinic. Our certified practitioners are widely considered to be experts in the field and move on to senior level positions throughout the industry.

4 Monthly Payments
What does this course include?

Online Course Materials

Practitioner Community: Mentorship students are invited to join the Kalish Practitioner Community, an online platform that fosters communication with other Kalish students and alumni.  

Time Commitment: Designed for the busy clinician juggling family and practice, all live classes are recorded so it’s easy to catch up if you are busy or fall behind. 

Hands-on Assignments

Resource Library: Access to a vast collection of browsable videos, Q&A recordings, case studies, downloadable patient education documents (patient questionnaires, wellness plans, protocols). 

Weekly live calls with Dr. Dan Kalish. Recordings of all live calls are made available to all registered students. 

Who is this course for?

The 12-Month Functional Medicine Mentorship is for LICENSED CLINICIANS serious about transitioning to telemedicine, setting up a new functional medicine practice OR for those practitioners who have been in practice for many years and are looking to streamline and simplify their clinic. You’ll walk away with the knowledge you need to treat patients effectively and can implement the tools you gain into your own practice right away! Enrollment open to licensed clinicians only. 


Cancellation Policy: Full refund within 14 days of purchase.

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4 Monthly Payments

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