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Masterclass: GI-MAP from Diagnostic Solutions Lab

Course Description

This short-format course focused on the GI-MAP from Diagnostic Solutions Lab includes a simple to follow lab analysis system, dividing the test data into three stages of GI dysfunction so you can easily understand where to start your treatments. The class also provides you with critical patient communication skills so you can get your patients on board and explain the value of a GI program.

Topics Covered:

  • Learn how to determine which of the three stages of GI dysfunction is present on your patients lab reports.
  • Review best-in-class supplement treatment choices for each stage, designed to deliver improvements in patient outcomes.
  • Patient Communication: Learn how to talk to your patients about the benefits of lab testing, and how to explain their lab results in a way that will motivate them to do a personalized lab-based supplement program
  • The lifestyle changes that each patient should follow based on their individual lab report findings are reviewed so you can create complete health plans including personalized lifestyle recommendations and supplement programs.
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