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May 16, 2012

Case of the Month

by Dr. Dan Kalish

Hi All - Here is a recent case study from my practice. Forty-two year old woman with chief complaints of 10 years of IBS and fatigue, now heading into depression and anxiety. She has constant sweet cravings, has gained some weight and was at the end of her rope, feeling like her body was failing her already, and now her mind was starting to be dragged down with it.
I did my two basic tests that I use with every new patients, an adrenal stress profile and a GI pathogen screen. You can see from her adrenal test she was very low in cortisol and DHEA with a total cortisol of 11 (when ideal is around 35-40) and a DHEA of 1.99 (ideal should be an 8). I used liquid pregnenolone at 15 drops 3x day, liquid DHEA at 2 drops 3x day (from Biomatrix) and a broad spectrum multi vitamin (any good one will do) along with blood sugar control nutrients (Glucomend from Douglas Labs).
Her Energy levels increased by week three of the program. Looking at her GI pathogen screen (401H from Biohealth) we found cryptosporidium AND giardia. What a combination. After all these years of practice you think you've seen everything and then boom, one patient with these two bugs. Pretty incredible. Had to write about it. Either one of these infections I've seen debilitate hundreds of patients, but to have both? at the same time?
Anyhow, this was a home run for sure this patient was destined to get better. We did a combined anti-biotic and herbal protocol using Alinia prescribed by her MD along with: Artemesia annual 500mg 2 capsules 3x day (Thorne Research or Allergy Research Group), Oregano Oil Extract 2 tablets 3x day (Designs for Health or Biotics Research) and Morinda Supreme, 2 capsules 3x day (Supreme Nutrition).
Worked like a charm, we just spoke this week and her GI symptoms are gone gone gone. Her energy is up to normal and she quite literally feels like a new person, wondering how she got through this haze of the last ten years of being sick. Functional Medicine works! It does not need to be complicated. You will always been successful if you just start of with a basic adrenal and GI test and go from there.  You will always been successful if you just start of with a basic adrenal and GI test and go from there.
Dr. Dan Kalish

Dr. Dan Kalish

Founder of the Kalish Institute
Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP, is founder of the Kalish Institute, an online practice implementation training program dedicated to building Integrative and Functional Medicine practices through clinical and business courses.