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Jan 13, 2016

Keeping Up With the Kalish's - Toxins are Trending

by Dr. Dan Kalish

Every morning I read BBC news and I go through my home delivery copy of the New York Times. Two recent articles stand out, one from the Brits and one from the Americans, both saying, “hey, we have a problem here.” I firmly believe that toxins are one of the, if not the, trending cause of health problems. Like a trend in a Twitter feed, we are seeing a dramatic, sudden, recognizable increase in health related problems from toxins, one could argue that toxicity, combined with poor food choices are the major reasons patient present in my clinic.

From the BBC, “The Air That Makes You Fat”. Here’s a quote:

After just 10 weeks, the effects were already visible. The mice exposed to the air pollution showed greater volumes of body fat, both around the belly and around the internal organs; at the microscopic level, the fat cells themselves were around 20% larger in the mice inhaling a fine mist of pollutants. What’s more, they seemed to have become less sensitive to insulin, the hormone that signals to cells to convert blood sugar into energy: the first step towards diabetes.

Here’s a link to the complete article:

The New York Times reported “a landmark statement” from the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics warning of widespread exposure to toxic environmental chemicals threatening healthy human reproduction.

Download the PDF of the article below:


The Times reported, “The political system was slow to respond to the truth about cigarettes. Now it’s similarly behind in protecting us from toxic chemicals.”

Link to article:

We all need to guide our patients through detoxification protocols, we have the solution to this based on Organic Acids testing and lab based supplement programs, we can correct all these issues. It’s the most important thing we can do for patients, young and old alike.

Dr. Dan Kalish

Dr. Dan Kalish

Founder of the Kalish Institute
Dan Kalish, DC, IFMCP, is founder of the Kalish Institute, an online practice implementation training program dedicated to building Integrative and Functional Medicine practices through clinical and business courses.